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Everything about Humanoid Robots and Androids

#429014 In Photos: 1.5-Ton Humanoid ...

Photos on Facebook and Instagram purport to show a humanoid robot 13 feet (4 meters) tall, weighing 1.5 tons, being developed in South Korea. Live Science could not confirm the veracity of the images. Continue reading

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#429005 How Stanford Built a Humanoid Submarine ...

Exclusive photos take you through the first mission of Stanford's diving robot Continue reading

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#428962 The Octobot Is Just the Beginning for ...

Roboticists have long turned to nature for inspiration, but their creations have generally been conspicuously un-lifelike. Now, breakthroughs in the design and manipulation of soft materials have allowed them to start replicating the remarkable abilities of some of nature’s squishier creations. In 2004 the number of academic papers on soft robotics was close to zero, […] Continue reading

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#428961 Jingle Bytes? Artificial Intelligence ...

You might find yourself wishing for a silent night after you hear the first Christmas song written by artificial intelligence. Continue reading

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#428908 The ‘Gentle Bot’ can pick ...

Cornell University researchers have developed a soft, human-like, robotic hand with interior and exterior sensors that “feels” what it touches via stretchy optical waveguides with LEDs. Related Posts Six Degrees of Torque-controlled …ALMA (“Articulated Locomotion and Manipulation”), … Adoption of … Continue reading

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