#429373 Video Friday: A Humanoid in the Kitchen, ...

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#429372 The Surprisingly Simple Invention That ...

Today, sewing relies on the low-tech power of human hands, but soon that may not be the case. Human workers are still needed for the final steps of making clothes, in order to align fabrics and correctly feed them into sewing machines. If robots could do that instead, shock waves of change would surely ripple through global supply chains and disrupt the lives of millions of low-wage earners in the developing world.
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#429365 High Torque Density Frameless Motors

BEI Kimco Meets Challenging Robotics Application
Requirements with Three High Torque Density Frameless Motor Designs

VISTA, Calif,− Jan 9, 2017 – BEI Kimco, a brand of Sensata Technologies, is developing new motor designs to meet the torque loads and size requirements in the rapidly growing robotics industry. The company recently met demanding Brushless DC (BLDC) Motor needs for use in a multi-axis assembly robot for semiconductor and other light manufacturing applications.

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#429362 New GPS Module for Robots

Swift Navigation Announces a New GPS Module for Robots
Piksi Multi Provides Robotics Manufacturers with a Multi-Band, Multi-Constellation High-Precision GNSS Receiver, at a Breakthrough Price
Swift Navigation™, the San Francisco-based startup building centimeter-accurate GPS technology, has announced its newest product, Piksi™ Multi, and the robotics industry is going to want to take notice of this multi-band, multi-constellation high-precision GNSS receiver. Just as Swift’s original Piksi module ushered in a new era of precision GPS affordability, the new Piksi Multi represents a […] Continue Reading…

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#429361 RoboDragonfly: Tiny Backpack Turns ...

Engineers have fitted dragonflies with tiny backpack controllers that connect directly to the neurons controlling the insects' flight.[Read more…]

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