#429386 “Twendy-One”, the Dexterous ...

Twendy-One, a project of Waseda University in Tokyo, is an updated humanoid robot that is very skillful in physical hand movements and able to pick up almost any object.

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#429389 Visual Processing System

The article below is by our reader Kyle Stuart, where he introduces his work:
The worlds only optical artificial intelligence system
The visual processing system is an artificial intelligence system which operates in a very similar way to the human eye and brain.
Like the human eye and brain the VPS consists of two key parts, the image sensor, and the image processing unit (IPU), then the machine outputs, whatever they might be, which can be referred to as the human body […] Continue Reading…

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#429385 Robots Learning To Pick Things Up As ...

Robots Learning To Pick Things Up As Babies Do
Carnegie Mellon Unleashing Lots of Robots to Push, Poke, Grab Objects
Babies learn about their world by pushing and poking objects, putting them in their mouths and throwing them. Carnegie Mellon University scientists are taking a similar approach to teach robots how to recognize and grasp objects around them.
[…] Continue Reading…

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#429382 Portable and Wearable Obstacle Detection


INSPEX to Combine Knowhow of Nine European Organizations to Create
Portable and Wearable Spatial-Exploration Systems

GRENOBLE, France – Feb. 2, 2017 – Leti, a technology research institute of CEA Tech, today announced a European project to develop a portable and wearable, multisensor and low-power spatial-exploration and obstacle-detection system for all conditions of weather and visibility.

The INSPEX system will adapt obstacle-detection capabilities common in autonomous cars for portable […] Continue Reading…

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#429377 Robot to carry your things

PIAGGIO GROUP REINVENTS THE FUTURE OF TRANSPORTATION WITH INTRODUCTION OF GITA, THE FIRST OFFERING BY PIAGGIO FAST FORWARDPiaggio Fast Forward to Host Launch Event in BostonBoston, MA – January 30, 2017 – Piaggio Group, the largest European manufacturer of two-wheel motor vehicles, a leader in light mobility founded over 130 years ago, has launched Piaggio Fast Forward, a newly-established company based in the U.S. formed to pioneer the future of light mobility by fundamentally rethinking the movement of people […] Continue Reading…

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