#429618 Fedor – Russia’s Robot Astronoaut

Fedor is a humanoid robot in development in Russia, which is designed to help astronauts in space. It can turn valves, drive car, use drill, do pushups and a lot more useful tasks such as lifting up to 20 kg, walk, crawl, get into the car all by itself, turn door keys, and use various tools.

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#429613 This Week’s Awesome Stories From ...

Humans Can Now Scold a Robot With Their MindsSamantha Cole | Vice MOTHERBOARD"Researchers at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL), with Boston University, developed a feedback system for humans to mentally change a robot's actions by simply watching and wordlessly judging…the simplicity of MIT CSAIL's new research makes it more accessible to the public, no new language or mental training required."

Photos of the 11ft-Diameter Hyperloop Test Track Under Construction in NevadaMegan Geuss | Ars Technica"Hyperloop One demonstrated […] Continue Reading…

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#429609 An AI-Created Soundtrack to Enhance ...

The Brain.fm team uses advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to generate beautiful and limitless streams of music that are fine-tuned to assist you with whatever project or activity requires 100% of your attention.[Read more…]

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#429598 New Burger Robot Will Take Command of ...

Would your burger taste as delicious if it was made by a robot?
You’ll soon be able to find out at CaliBurger restaurants in the US and worldwide.
Cali Group partnered with Miso Robotics to develop Flippy the burger robot, which made its debut this week at the Pasadena, California CaliBurger.

Miso and Cali Group aren’t calling Flippy a mere robot, though; it’s a robotic kitchen assistant. And it’s not the first of its kind. San Francisco-based Momentum Machines has also been […] Continue Reading…

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#429591 TALOS Humanoid Now Available from PAL ...

PAL Robotics hopes that within the next five years, TALOS will be working side by side with humans[Read more…]

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